Sprite’s INC Steps up to the Plate!

Some big news with MMR has developed. Sprite’s INC will be taking the helm with MMR’s development now with ACESpark heading the team. I will still be around having a say in things but now MMR can finally continue development again! Some really good things are in store from the looks of things with what they have planned.

Late Update

Hey all, I’ve been really busy with a lot of things as some of you already know. What does this mean for MMR? Well the game isn’t being dropped, but it is on hiatus until further notice. I first have to learn how to do online play from another project which is nearing completion. I have a new original IP I’ve been working on that I can’t release any details about yet because it’s still in its infancy but those of you who like Mega Man (which I’m guessing is all of you) should like this project when I can release more info about it. Stay tuned!

On a side note, the image gallery is fixed finally.

Mega Man Mania

There is a new forum dedicated to MMR discussion and also some other fan games of people I’m collaborating with. Click here to see more.

Finally, the single player is done!

Think of this as a belated 4th of July present, although… right now, it’s the 4th somewhere out there I guess. Get this long awaited update either on the site by downloading or with your updater.

Version 6.9.0 Released

A new stage is available as well as a ton of new things like new robot master attacks, new weapon sounds for weapons that had no sound effect, Dr. Remir and Dr. Light play pong now, and so on. Go download it or update your game and enjoy.


I added personal quotes, good points, bad points, likes and dislikes to the robot master pages so you can get to know them better.

Taking a While…

Since it’s taking a while to release the next stage, as a way of tiding you over until it’s released, we updated the soundtrack with new songs that haven’t even been released yet in the game itself but will be heard in the next update for sure. You can even download the whole soundtrack all at once now in a convenient zip file.


What’s coming in the next update besides a new stage? Well a few more bugs will be fixed, more weapons will have sound effects that were originally silent, more than half the robot masters have a new additional attack each and there are going to be cutscenes that take place in Light Labs when you defeat half the robot masters then all of them and finally Dr. Wily, which the last one shows if you have all the letters.

Another Mchampionn

Another stage is available along with a ton of bug fixes. Thanks goes out to spd12 for all his hard work testing the game before it’s new versions are released.

Chat Feature

I added a chat feature at the bottom of the page that functions kinda like Facebook chat. Use it if you want to get in touch with other fans of MMR if they’re visiting while you are. I don’t even think you need an account to use it.

Another Stage

That’s right, another stage is available for download. You can only access it if you have the letters all collected so get to it!