What is it?

So who made this thing?
Mike Crain has been a fan of Mega Man since he was about six years old and eventually wanted to make his own Mega Man game. He got together some of the most brilliant minds out there he could find to piece together what is known as Mega Man Revolution.

What is the history of the game?
Mega Man Revolution started as a vision when Clickteams Klick n Play was still in existence more than 10 years ago, but due to the lack of capabilities in the program (namely an inability to scroll the screen) and a lack of knowledge with conventional programming code, the project was unable to start. The Games Factory eventually came out a couple of years later and the project was green lit. The game originally had Wily Wars style graphics with recoloring and Quick Man and Heat Man in place of Haste Man and Pyre Man respectively. It was on one unfortunate day that a program called Windows Washer unintentionally and involuntarily erased all the project files and the game went dormant for roughly 10 years. One day while Mike was residing in Australia, he decided to start the project up again because he only had a netbook that couldnt handle much of anything that he wanted to work on. All of the robot masters were given a total make over since they looked somewhat bland originally and two brand new ones were created with the help of other people such as OmegaForte and Michael de Jong. Mike Crain also decided to take the game in the direction of NES style with as much authenticity as would be possible on Multimedia Fusion 2. The original project being destroyed was possibly a blessing in disguise since The Games Factory was much more limited compared to Multimedia Fusion 2 and the project was of much lower quality than it is today due to experience and tools available.

So what is it?
A Fan Game (A non-licensed game made by a fan of a game or an anime) of the epic series made by Capcom, Mega Man. With brand new bosses and stages that Mike came up with.