What is it?

So who made this thing? Mike Crain has been a fan of Mega Man since he was about six years old and eventually wanted to make his own Mega Man game. He got together some of the most brilliant minds out there he could find to piece together what is known as Mega Man Revolution. Read more about What is it?[…]

New Update System

Go download the new installer which has a brand spanking new updater that actually works worth a crap. It works because I didnt make it. Heh heh heh. Also, as a bonus, a lot of bugs and glitches are fixed in the version youll receive. Storm Mans stage isnt available in it yet, but soon Read more about New Update System[…]


This is the OST in its current state as of March 6th, 2013. A couple of songs are missing as they are not finished and this all could be subject to change at any given time.


In order for the game to work properly, youll need to make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers installed on your computer. Click the link below to make sure these are installed and up to date. Download DirectX Drivers If youre still getting an error that says Cannot load joystick2.mfx. This object might need Read more about Download[…]